May, 3, 2016

Not many businesses offer other businesses free stuff. Free To See is unique in this way. Seen as a community, rather than a fish in a sea of sharks, means co-operation triumphs over adversity. Taking the sting from the tail of other businesses and turning it into a handshake or partnership makes business far more interesting and productive. It’s better to have 10% of something amazing, than 100% of something average. Free to see makes partnerships work. There’s enough for every business to benefit from many small somethings. It’s far better for a business to be continuously engaged, than sporadically.

One of the first strategies Free To See rolled out was its classic olive branch to PR agencies. These hard-working collectives are trying their hardest to win consumer attention for their clients in a world where so many channels exist, it’s impossible to put stuff out on everything many times daily for many businesses. Free To See offers a refuge for press releases selling products and services openly to consumers. Only PR agencies with compelling content (well written stuff) get published and the products and services have to be something the readers want. That’s our starting point. It’s clear and it works.

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